Still need more reasons to choose AWS and Cloud4C in your cloud journey?

The AWS-Cloud4C partnership is all you need to be on the cloud and stay ahead in the cloud game.

AWS in partnership with Cloud4C is a one-stop-shop cloud solution, which comes with a reliable, scalable, and affordable cloud infrastructure. From migrating your enterprise to the cloud, lifting and shifting of data or running mission-critical workloads and applications with lower CapEx.

Cloud4C and AWS make the cloud journey of your enterprise more frictionless and secure than ever before. Speaking of enterprises, the AWS platform is the leading choice for the IT giants of today and unicorn startups of tomorrow. And here’s proof of it.

According to a survey by 460 UK, 77% of respondents (CEOs of multinational companies) said that AWS helps them unlock cutting edge features, offers better functionality, and scope for innovation.

The AWS platform - The numbers do all the talking

55% growth rate, year on year

100000 global customers

Global presence in 16 regions

42 availability zones

Workforce productivity
improvement by 55%

Two partners. One mission. Your cloud computing success.

Industry no bar. Sector no bar. Cloud4C offers customized solutions on AWS across multiple industries, be it:

  •   Finance
  •   Travel
  •   Government
  •   Transportation & Travel
  •   Wholesale & Distribution
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Retail and Consumer Goods.

Cloud4C offers AWS compute, network, storage and security capabilities with hyper-scalability bundled with our in-house capabilities—compute, networking, storage, migration, and security tools ensures seamless migration and managed services, which will not only reduce the operational expenditure of enterprises but even increases the productivity of in house workforce

Lower OpEx. Higher cost-efficiency. Just what the enterprise ordered.

Now reduce operational expenses and increases productivity with seamless collaboration between the workforce, and vendors to accomplish tasks quicker than ever before. And guess what? You have all this info in real-time with a 360-degree view of the application.

Get ready to take the cloud journey

Cloud4C’s certified consultants will assess the enterprise customer’s environment post which a blue print would be rolled out that provides a holistic view to the customer about the entire process. We optimize the architecture in such a way that support the applications—public, private or hybrid— in line with the global regulatory compliances.

Cloud4C from start to Finish

DC Migration


Hybrid Cloud


Managed Services.




A cloud journey with plenty of benefits

  •   1800+ staff across the globe
  •  More than 75% of our workforce is dedicated in offering stellar customer support (service delivery options)
  •  40+ Security Controls
  •  Local Presence in 25 Countries
  •  12 Years of Rich Experience in Cloud and Managed Services
  •  3500+ Global Enterprises
  •  ISO Certifications (ISO 22301, 20000, 27018, 27001, 27017)
  •  Regulatory Compliances – HIPAA, GXP, IRAP, GDPR, OJK, MAS, NESA, RBI
  •  Zero Friction Business Delivery Model
  •  Certified People Resources
    • Six Sigma, PMP
    • CCIE, MCP, CEH,

Here’s how Cloud 4C helped ABC Bank to get on the cloud from A to Z

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Words that you can bank on

Our view is that the Cloud4C has an infrastructure that is extremely safe and sound which has improved our digital landscape and capabilities.


Customers that are banking on us